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Want to book a teambuilding activity, improv show, or keynote?

This is how we work

1| Let's chat: in an introductory call, we dig into what you need and create an initial plan for the project.

2| Let's budget: to make sure we’re on the same page, we send you a quote with a clear breakdown of the costs.

3| Let's specify: once the proposal is accepted, we have a follow-up conversation to specify the details of the project.

4| Let’s go: Swiep visits your company, it’s showtime! Time to show you our best improv tricks or to get your co-workers to join in.

5| Let's evaluate: did you feel the Swiep-effect? In a final evaluation call, we listen to your feedback and give you a few extra tips for good measure.

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Would you also like a team building or event with an element of improvisation?

Evelien kan zowel online als in het echte leven positieve teambuildings geven. Altijd wat vrolijkheid.

Inge Arendts - Managing Director Flanders Food