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Want to book a teambuilding activity, improv show, or keynote?

This is how we work

1| Let's chat: in an introductory call, we dig into what you need and create an initial plan for the project.

2| Let's budget: to make sure we’re on the same page, we send you a quote with a clear breakdown of the costs.

3| Let's specify: once the proposal is accepted, we have a follow-up conversation to specify the details of the project.

4| Let’s go: Swiep visits your company, it’s showtime! Time to show you our best improv tricks or to get your co-workers to join in.

5| Let's evaluate: did you feel the Swiep-effect? In a final evaluation call, we listen to your feedback and give you a few extra tips for good measure.

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Would you also like a team building or event with an element of improvisation?

Evelien has the skills to show the impact of change management on human behaviour using serious gaming and effective improvisation tools.

Eric Bauwelinck - CEO Mastervoice