Improv theater

Surprising bespoke company theatre

Want to surprise your guests or co-workers with an impressive feat of theatre? 

Our actors can’t wait to blow your mind! Whether you want to give your organisation valuable insights into important topics like stress, burn-out, diversity, inclusivity, or company values: you get to choose the subject, we create a light-hearted and memorable improv performance around it – with theoretical intermezzos if desired. 

During the improv show we get input from the audience, resulting in hilarious scenes. Plenty of food for thought and conversation, so get your smile lines ready for action! 

Want an extra cherry on top? 

We can bring along our Swiep pianist and improvise a custom musical around your chosen topic.

Company theatre blends perfectly with workshops and brainstorming sessions! 

The humorous approach in our performance effortlessly lifts any taboos around difficult topics. We get your co-workers to think further about those topics in a complimentary workshop. This way they become part of a meaningful experience that they won’t easily forget.

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Would you also like a team building or event with an element of improvisation?

Evelien has the skills to show the impact of change management on human behaviour using serious gaming and effective improvisation tools.

Eric Bauwelinck - CEO Mastervoice