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Organising a lecture and looking for an original approach to your central theme? An experienced keynote speaker who teaches your guests about important business topics, like soft skills at work, is the key. We make sure our presentation is a perfect fit for your organisation.

A Swiep keynote is aways highly interactive and humorous. Dealing with change, incorporating play at work, the benefits of an improv mindset or satisfaction at work are just some of the themes we can touch on. But we are more than happy to work around your specific needs as well.

We take on the tone of voice of your company and put emphasis right where you want it – all with plenty of zest.

If you’ve already booked your speakers but are looking for a presenter who is a touch extra, Swiep is your friend. We breathe life into proceedings and don’t just introduce guests, but also make sure your audience stays awake and alert.

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Would you also like a team building or event with an element of improvisation?

The sketches were a welcome intermezzo between the necessary company presentations, to everyone's satisfaction. You worked very professionally and it was also gratifying that a deserving person among us was honored.

Mieke Nicolai, VDAB Vlaams Brabant