Swiep Philosophy

Why Swiep?

Our way of working is DIFFERENT! The focus is not on theory, although our way of working is supported by literature.

My favourite tool is Applied Improvisation: using improv exercises for non-theatrical applications. These exercises are ideal for teams because improvising is collaboration at the highest level.

I also take inspiration from Creative Problem Solving, for which I received rigorous training at the School of Creative Thinking. These techniques allow us to think beyond our own little world.

A third pillar is positive psychology, which emphasises the things that are already going well and uses these to strive for a wider sense of wellbeing.

I work playfully and creatively to engage people fully in the training modules, not just their brains – ultimately a small part of our entire being.

Using games and feedback questions, I make sure your team experiences things fully, gains new insights, experiences alternative ways of thinking and gains new skills.

No PowerPoints, but ACTION and interaction! No one can hide!