Soft skill training tailored to your team

If you want to improve your team’s productivity, homing in on the dynamics between colleagues is the best place to start. To get people talking, Swiep uses applied improvisation exercises. This teaches your co-workers to collaborate in a playful way. The exercises are always paired with a round of evaluation. The goal is to gain insight in the team’s communication patterns and to increase their awareness.

4 formulas

(Half days)

Playtime Growtime is the formula for you if you want to connect and learn about communication within your team, how various personalities interact, and what ‘yes, and’ really means – all in a playful manner.

In this session we use applied improvisation to discover how we communicate and collaborate, how alert we are, and how we can still work together even though we’re different.

Swiep exercises are playful. We let go of our inhibitions, have fun and laugh. But at the same time, we discover how the team collaborates and what the sticking points are. Thanks to these insights (in ourselves, others, and the team) we can start to change things by being more alert and more focused, approaching each other with an open and positive mindset, respecting each other’s differences, and collaborating constructively.

No one can hide behind a tablet or smartphone in this teambuilding activity – we are constantly active and interactive.

Keywords: fun, laughter, connection, communication, collaboration, out of your comfort zone, insight, active, interactive, soft skills

Superheroes Assemble is the formula to discover where your team’s strengths lie, how you can show appreciation, where you want to go as a team, and what you need to get there.

This session delves deeper into how the team functions and what everyone’s place within it is. What are everyone’s individual qualities and talents? How do co-workers experience the team dynamics and their own place within it, and what have been the highlights of the team’s work? How do you perceive the team today and where do you want to go from here? What do the team and its players need to achieve that?

We also look at showing appreciation and the team is stimulated to keep doing so after the teambuilding session is over (you’ll receive a take-home tool for this). 

To map out all of these dynamics, we use creative techniques aimed at getting everyone to loosen up and to respond spontaneously. 

Keywords: talents, team dynamics, future, wants and needs, appreciation

Improv Supreme is the workshop for you if you want to discover the joy of improvisation. We learn to let go and to respond spontaneously. We learn to listen to each other and to get creative with each other’s input. We work towards performing a real improvised scene. 

If you want to introduce multiple teams to the wonderful world of improv at the same time, we can end the day with a team showcase, or Swiep’s experienced improv players can put on an improv show. 

Keywords: fun, spontaneity, laughter, escaping the work mentality

Mission Expedition is the perfect formula if you want to work on your company culture, with a clearly mapped-out mission statement as its base: a vision, a mission, and the underlying values.

If you and your team want more clarity on what your mission and your vision is, and what values you want to carry out, Mission Expedition is the path for you. We explore how each team player sees the team’s mission and which role everyone plays in it.

Which values underly your vision, does everyone subscribe to those values, and does everyone carry them out? Which skills do you need to develop further in order to fully embody those values?

We map all of this out in words and images, resulting in a mission statement you can take back to your office.

Keywords: mission, vision, company values, corporate culture, team cohesion

2 formulas can be combined to create one fun-filled, swieping day!

If you want more than a one-off teambuilding session, and if you want to build a solid foundation for your team, a team programme is the answer.

Fancy an original team building?

Would you also like a team building or event with an improvisation element?

Evelien kan zowel online als in het echte leven positieve teambuildings geven. Altijd wat vrolijkheid.

Inge Arendts - Managing Director Flanders Food