Team programme

Programme in 7 modules

What is a good team? A team where people feel good and safe to be fully themselves and give the best of themselves based on their unique talents. A team where people really listen to each other, there is a constructive atmosphere and where hierarchy is subordinate to connecting and collaborating. A team that is motivated and performs well.

In 7 modules, Swiep turns your Dream Team into a Real Team. Between sessions, the team is given assignments to make sure learnings are integrated and embedded. Our Swiep modules are aimed at experience, insight, and change, all with a playful approach but also with full focus on soft skills, learning and growing.

The 7 Modules

In the first module we let co-workers experience fun together. Through games, they gain insight: into how the team communicates, how everyone treats each other, how the team does or does not function. Laughing together is the best glue!

Where does the team stand today and where do they want to go? Together we create a mission statement that becomes the driving force behind the team. A jointly supported mission makes sure everyone is on the same page and facilitates collaboration. We also create a step-by-step plan to make your mission a reality.

Which talents and qualities are present within the team? What are the strengths and pitfalls? And how can we express our appreciation for each other?

Which types do we have within the team? How do they create conflict at times? And how can we communicate differently to improve collaboration? By gaining insight into these patterns, we can understand and accept each other more easily and avoid conflict.

To get everyone motivated, we need a willingness to go for it. This requires a positive, open mindset. We look into our own inclinations and climb a step higher on the positive energy ladder.

We work on open, authentic communication. To achieve this, we also need to work on self-leadership. Honest communication is only possible when everyone takes responsibility.

In deze opvolgmodule kijken we hoe het team gegroeid is en welke acties nog moeten ondernomen worden om de positieve sfeer te houden.

Create your own menu

During this day we combine fun and insight with a team investigation. How is the team doing today and where do you want to go? Thanks to playful and creative techniques, we gain insight that goes deeper than what our brain tells us!

The One day Special with two follow-up sessions. In the one day you will investigate where the need is greatest. We will provide an answer to this in the follow-up sessions.

The complete 7 steps in a full day and 6 half days. The best guarantee for a fantastic result.

Fancy an original team building?

Would you also like a team building or event with an improvisation element?

The sketches were a welcome intermezzo between the necessary company presentations, to everyone's satisfaction. You worked very professionally and it was also gratifying that a deserving person among us was honored.

Mieke Nicolai, VDAB Vlaams Brabant